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Dear Parents

We thank you for your overwhelming support of our decision to open the school this morning. This was well-received, the school functioned successfully, and the children enjoyed the return to their normal routine and friends. We are delighted with a 90.5% attendance for Grade 1 – 7.

The latest update of communication from the NICD is that they now advise, as an extreme precaution, that Sr. Sparrow practise self-isolation at home because of her brief contact last Tuesday, 03 March, with the infected mother. Simultaneously, the NICD also advised it safe for Sr Sparrow’s own children, as well as all other children and Staff at Cowan House, to attend school, because they are only ‘contacts of a contact’ and not a direct contact of a positively tested person, as per the NICD protocols.

We continue with our imperative to provide you with transparent, accurate, up-to-date information.  Information received so far, is that all test results of the circle of contacts of the mother have returned negative.

We have sourced an experienced, relief San Sister, Sr. Michelle Edkins, to start at Cowan House tomorrow,
and we hope we can enjoy another well-attended, meaningful day at school.  Again, thank you for the support we continue to receive.

Yours sincerely,

Mr Derek Braans (Headmaster) and Mr Andrew Barnes (Chairman of the Board)