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Dear Parents

Thank you for your patience and support as we remain vigilant in our practice of infection prevention measures. Parents, pupils and staff have quickly adapted to the daily temperature taking and hand sanitising protocols. In fact, these measures have generated a great sense of cooperation and camaraderie.

As is evident from international news and the number of our previous information letters (this is No. 9), the situation is ever changing and the information available to inform our decisions is constantly being updated.

We will be meeting with other schools early next week to formulate joint travel protocols for pupils and parents, and engage in some planning for the return to school in Term 2. These protocols could include quarantine, self-isolation and even exclusion from school for a period of time if travel includes areas / countries of ‘high local transmission.’ These formal protocols will be communicated to you at the end of next week before the closure of school.

We continue to request that parents who have travelled, intend to travel or will be hosting guests or family from beyond the borders of South Africa notify the Headmaster’s PA in writing of this. It is equally important to inform us of changes to your plans.

We wish to take this opportunity to share the news of test results communicated to us late yesterday afternoon: both boys have continued to test negative, as has Sr. Jodie Sparrow.

Although subject to change, the plans for events next week include:

  • Senior Final Assembly (Grade 4-7) – Wednesday 18 March, 07h45-±09h00, in the Theatre
  • Senior Easter Service (Grade 4-7) – Thursday 19 March, 18h00-19h00, in the Theatre
  • Pre Primary & Junior Primary Easter Celebration – Friday 20 March, 08h00-09h00, in the Theatre

We look forward to being able to celebrate these events with you.

Yours sincerely,

Mr Derek Braans (Headmaster) and Mr Andrew Barnes (Chairman of the Board)