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Dear Parents

We write to notify you that, after careful consideration and thorough consultation with ISASA, the NICD, theDepartment of Health and support structures, we have decided to open the School tomorrow morning – Tuesday 10 March 2020, with a clearly developed management protocol for the period of 10 March to 20 March:

  • Temperature Checks
    On arrival at school in the morning, all staff and pupils will have their temperature read through the use of handheld devices. Temperature reading stations will be outside the Theatre and Bus Shelter (for entry from T-Field), and at the top of the stairs to the Pre Primary (for entry from Perrett’s).  Pupils or staff exhibiting a raised temperature, of 37.5°C or above, will be sent home and asked to only return to School after a 24 hour period of having a normal temperature (37°C and below is deemed normal).
  • Hand Sanitisers
    At the same time as the morning temperature check, a squirt of hand sanitiser will be applied to pupils on entering the School.  All classrooms will be equipped with hand sanitisers and wet wipes, and regular ‘breaks’ for cleaning will be allowed.
  • Dining Room protocol
    All pupils and staff are to use the Dining Room hand sanitisers on entry. Cutlery, individually wrapped in a serviette, will be distributed by a designated member of the Kitchen Staff, and food will be handed to pupils by our Catering Manager, Heidi Bellars. All catering staff will practise hand sanitation and be gloved when serving food.
  • San protocols
    The san will continue to operate normally for pupils requiring the treatment of scrapes and bruises, etc.
    The flat adjacent to the San has been vacated and set up as an isolation unit for use should a pupil develop flu-type symptoms during the course of the day. This will be equipped with the necessary protective gear (masks, goggles, gloves, disposable gowns and foot protection) and will only be used as a temporary holding facility until the pupil is collected by either parents or, in the case of boarders, the NICD. The focus will be on the removal of the patient from the site as quickly as possible. The area will then be deep cleaned again.
  • Pupil Education
    Sr Jodie Sparrow will run Phase and Grade specific workshops on the transmission of germs and hand washing protocols first things tomorrow morning. ‘Pupil friendly’ information booklets will also be distributed to all pupils; these are a useful tool for class teachers and parents to engage in discussion with our boys and girls regarding healthy protocols.
  • The morning bus runs from Garlington, Athlone, Dargle and Howick will be suspended for the rest of the term. Apologies to parents for the inconvenience of this, but safety must be our priority for the rest of term.
  • Cleaning Regime
    Our cleaning company commenced with a thorough, deep cleaning and sanitising regime for the school as soon as the news of our parent’s infection was made known. This will continue for the rest of term. In the light of the difficulty of sanitising sandpits, these will be ‘closed’ for the rest of the term.
  • The Computer Lab and Media Centre will also use a hand sanitiser protocol for entry to the venues, and special key board wipes have been arranged for use between class sessions.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation in the implementation of these protocols and measures. As indicated in our video communique on Saturday, your messages of support and understanding have been much appreciated.

Yours sincerely,

Mr Derek Braans (Headmaster) and Mr Andrew Barnes (Chairman of the Board)