Debra le Voy

Grade 1 Teacher

What made you decide to become a teacher? 

From a very young age I knew I wanted to be a teacher. Coming from a very big family (I was one of six children), so growing up, I had lots of siblings to play ‘school’ with. Years later when I attended Training College I knew I was in the right place. Every child has a sparkling diamond within and it is up to us to find it!

What is your favourite subject to teach and why? 

In The Foundation Phase we teach all subjects. But I am passionate about teaching reading and phonics. To see the faces of these young children as the magic of reading is revealed to them is so rewarding.

What is your first or favourite memory from going to school when you were a child? 

My first memory of starting school was ‘making friends’ – I am still close friends with the girl I met on the first day of my Grade One year.

What interests do your pursue outside of the classroom?

Living on a farm we are very busy all the time and I love getting involved in different areas, when I can. Going for walks on the weekend is very relaxing and catching up with friends. We used to also do a lot of hiking in the Drakensberg. My new favourite pastime is spending time with my grandson who is just one year old, he is a delight.

What inspires you? 

I get inspired all the time by my adult children and watching them go about their lives.

What would we be surprised to learn about you? 
I think people would be surprised to know I can drive a tractor!

What book are you currently reading? 

I am busy with two books at the moment: “Where the Crawdads sing” by Delia Owens and “Twelve Rules for Life” by Jordan B Peterson.