From Us…To You

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To our Cowan House Families, this message comes from us to you. May you truly be blessed, in all that you do! From there to here, and here to there. Strangest happenings, everywhere! We sit in our homes, and think things are bad. We get kind of grumpy, and start feeling mad! But we need to remember, and not make a fuss. There are folks who are much more, unlucky than us! Make really sure, you find time to play. And time for your schoolwork, everyday! Help too…with chores, be thoughtful and kind. Always, always bearing in mind balance in all you choose to do, and WOW, good things will come to you! The things that you do, on computers online. Are all very good, and all very fine! You have brains in your head, and eyes to read. So you really have, just all that you need! You have feet to take you, to places you choose. And even with lockdown, you just cannot loose! We are waiting right here, we teachers do care. You have nothing to fear, we are always there! We too are at home, but connected to you. We’re with you each day, in all that you do! So smile and be happy for ‘tho not in class… Never forget that, this too shall pass! Written by Julie Meiklejohn and Margie Odell