"It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child". - Picasso

Why Is Art Important for Careers Of The Future

Art develops the synapses (the electrical pathways) to the right side of the brain, which heightens a pupil’s ability to think creatively.  World business leaders are shifting away from science and maths graduates, preferring to employ creative and unique thinkers.  This is the future we need to prepare our pupils for.

At Cowan House we instill a strong sense of individualism, encouraging children to think uniquely and creatively so that when they leave Cowan House they are confident to express themselves, their ideas and think out of the box.

Art classes at Cowan House are a valued and exciting journey of creative thinking and production that begins in Grade RRR and continues right through to Grade 7.

​Children begin Art lessons at Cowan House in their classrooms with their class teachers up to Grade 3 when our specialist Art teacher, Mrs Fay Keit, provides an hour’s lesson each week throughout the Grade 3 year.  From Grade 4 to Grade 7 the children alternate between Art and Design and Technology, giving them the opportunity to have two terms of Art during the year, with an hour and a half per week.  These lessons take place in our purpose-built Art Room, which is always a hub of colour and creativity in painting, sculpture and ceramics.

For some pupils their experiences in the Art room at Cowan House will form the foundation from which they will develop a life time’s interest in creativity, and for others it will represent a cerebral platform from which they will soar.


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