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Music is an important part of every child’s life at Cowan House and features on the timetable from Grade RRR to Grade 7. Whether it is a personal achievement on an instrument, singing favourite songs in class, being part of a bigger ensemble or dazzled by the lights on stage, music can be the most wonderful catalyst for personal growth and character building.

Our purpose-built music school has 2 large music classrooms, single individual practice rooms as well as a Marimba room specifically for Marimba practice. Grade 5 and Grade 7 Marimba Bands form part of our extra-curricular program. Class music takes place from Grade RRR to Grade 7 and involves singing, learning about different instruments, ranges of music, great composers, and songwriters.

Our Junior Choir (Grade 3) allows an introduction to being part of a choir “team”, part-singing, and performance. The Senior Choir (Grade 4 to 7) enjoys regular performances in and out of the school campus. We firmly believe that all children who show an interest in music, should have the opportunity to develop it.


Beyond the classroom, the Creative Arts are an integral part of the Cowan House curriculum and are particularly important for developing confidence, critical-thinking, sensory and emotional intelligence. Drama is an important part of life at Cowan House, with both skills and confidence developed throughout our academic year. Formal Drama lessons are provided as part of the curriculum for Grade 4 – Grade 7 and, in addition, extra-curricular Drama is offered to pupils from Grade 3 to Grade 7.

Our annual Speech and Drama Festival is traditionally held in the second term each year, with every pupil in the Junior Primary (Grade 1 – Grade 3) and Senior Primary (Grade 4 – Grade 7) participating in choral verses and many individual pupils entering poems, sight reading, mime, show and tell, and public speaking.


At Cowan House we instil a strong sense of individualism, encouraging children to think uniquely and creatively so that when they leave Cowan House, they are confident to express themselves, their ideas and think out of the box.

Art classes are Cowan House are a valued and exciting journey of creative thinking and production that begins in Grade RRR and continues until Grade 7. Class art takes place until Grade 3 when our specialist Art teacher, Mrs Fay Keit provides an hour’s lesson each week through the Grade 3 year. From Grade 4 – Grade 7, children alternate between Art and Design & Technology. Lessons take place in the custom built Art room which is a hub of colour and creativity in painting, sculpture and ceramics.