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"I am going to open my own school and make it interesting and fun." - David Black
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Headmaster's Message

In a world that is increasingly both more complex and superficial, where inspiration is becoming more theoretical and learning is often sterile from an early age, we are tremendously proud of the healthy balance we enjoy at Cowan House.

We know that each child is a unique individual; not an academic statistic, but a young person bursting with potential and deserving the best possible opportunities. By attending Cowan House, boys and girls will encounter many opportunities for personal development during their journey of learning about the world around them and in growing to understand themselves. These opportunities have been carefully planned and designed to form part of the learning process that we call childhood. A simple, yet intricately complex process of discipline, challenges, wonder, successes, emotions, expectations, love and appropriate experiences all form the cornerstone of the Cowan House ethos.

The solid foundation and Christian Values our boys and girls establish at Cowan House will enable them to leave us with the ability to continue growing in knowledge, spirit and friendship. They will know that excellence is a measure of being their best; not necessarily being the best.

We welcome you to visit Cowan House and see how the flames are being kindled, nurtured and fed, as our boys and girls become curious to explore a little more and grow inspired to achieve excellence by the wonder that surrounds them, daily, at this very special school.

Unlocking potential, self-belief and curiosity in life-long learning, through Christian principles.

Cowan House Values

What do our values mean to our pupils...

  • Be Reasonable: Try and fix your problems with your friends first before telling the teacher.

    Olwethu Phephu
    Grade 1
  • The Cowan House values are important to our school. In assembly, we have talked about being ourselves. Mr Braans said that we can have role models, but we mustn’t change our whole lifestyle to be like them – it is good to be unique. We are reasonable in that we share and think of others and their needs, as well as ours. For example, we are only allowed seconds after everyone has eaten. If there was bullying at our school, our teachers would react immediately and we talk about this with our friends. We also talk about being our best. Even if our best is not THE best, it is good enough, because it’s our best!

    Robyn Green
    Grade 5 Pupil
  • Be Caring: When someone falls or someone is lonely, don’t just walk past.

    Donovan Smart
    Grade 3
  • Be Yourself: Don’t copy anyone; just be like yourself.

    Bailey Voss
    Grade 2
  • Be Yourself: Don’t want to do other people’s things. Do your own thing. Just not anything silly.

    Hannah Seele
    Grade 3
  • Be Your Best: To never say ‘I can’t do this.’

    Lucie Seele
    Grade 2
  • Be Caring: We make the world colourful when we are kind.

    Teagen Costello
    Grade RR
  • Be Reasonable: Thinking about things. Listening to others’ opinions.

    Gianluca Cantarelli
    Grade 2
  • Be Reasonable: If someone hurts you by accident and they say sorry, say, ‘It’s fine, everyone makes mistakes.’

    Snamile Myaka
    Grade 1
  • Be Your Best: Try your best and show respect.

    Grade 3
  • Be Caring: Look after people.

    Jayden Barry
    Grade 3

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