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Grade R to Grade 3

Throughout the year, our Language & Literacy lessons focus on awareness and practice of good listening habits. Pupils explore the concept of listening during many interactive, fun activities. They are introduced to elements of listening such as focus, waiting for full instructions and identifying key words in instructions. The concepts of visualisation and rehearsal of memory strategies are introduced.

Grade R - Grade 1

In the Grade R and Grade 1 classes, phonological awareness skills are emphasised. Pupils work on rhyme, syllables and sound awareness. They learn how language can be broken down into smaller units (stories have sentences, sentences have words, words are made up of syllables and syllables have sounds in them). Older pupils are encouraged to use their knowledge of sounds, words and syllables to aid their reading and spelling.

Grade 1 - Grade 3

Grade 1 to Grade 3 pupils practise grouping and describing skills. They practice these skills during group games and listening comprehension tasks. Stories are frequently analysed in terms of the characters, the setting, problem and resolution. Pupils are encouraged to predict, speculate and give their opinions about characters, story events and possible solutions to problems the characters experience. Older pupils learn about main ideas, sub topics and details to aid their listening and reading comprehension skills. They are encouraged to use this knowledge to help them structure their own work when writing a paragraph. Sentence formulation and parts of speech are targeted in conjunction with class work covered by teachers.

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