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Learning Support

The Learning Support Department continues to grow as the needs of our children continue to change. Our philosophy is “To support each child to be the best they can be”.

Our learning support interventions and the department under which they operate are well established.  Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy, and Remedial Therapy are offered on campus at an additional cost to parents. We also have access to counselling psychologists and play therapists who are able to assist our children on campus as well. Along with these interventions, Cowan House offers English and Maths small groups to our Grade 4 and 5 classes, for those who may need additional support in one or both of these specific areas.

Our Head of the Learning Support Department (Mrs Tammy Raw) is available for support and guidance to staff, parents, teachers, and children. 

Our Language and Literacy class groups are held for Grade R to Grade 3 classes for an hour each week. This has proved to be hugely beneficial, particularly in terms of sound structure of language.

The main aim of these groups is to teach students, in a fun and interactive way, how to think critically about information which they hear and read, to be more confident writers and to develop a hunger for knowledge.