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Meaningful Curriculum

Fun, Curiosity and Discovery

The corridors of Cowan House still resonate with the values instilled by the school’s founding principal which echo a sense of fun, curiosity, and discovery. Every child is an individual with varied interests and talents. At Cowan House, we do away with stereotypes and embrace what we know to be true: the best learning happens in extraordinary academic environments full of inspiration and guided by excellent teachers.

A co-educational primary school environment allows children to develop vital life skills which have untold benefits in adult life. Shared learning environments afford boys and girls, brothers and sisters, opportunity to balance competitive, risk taking, styles in problem solving, with cooperative and empathetic behaviour. Co-education is an invaluable and immeasurable option helping boys and girls interact, share perspectives and function as equals. It also provides the wonderful opportunity of keeping families together.

Our pupils are exceptionally well-prepared for the future… After all, real life is co-ed.

In a world where the status quo is constantly challenged, thinking skills are central to learning at Cowan House; we do not focus on teaching our pupils what to learn but rather HOW to learn. A meaningful academic curriculum cannot be static and as an Independent School we enjoy the freedom of choice in our curriculum. It is designed to evolve and adapt in order to develop our pupils’ ability to think individually, collectively, analytically, and creatively.

To be successful in the future, in a world that we do not yet fully grasp, we encourage our pupils to come out of their comfort zone …to not be afraid, to be curious, express their ideas, try new ways of doings things and, to allow for mistakes.

The academic facilities on our 47-acre campus include the Innovation Centre (home to the Science Lab and Art Studio), Design and Technology Studio, Knowledge Centre (home to the Library and Computer Lab) and classrooms all equipped with interactive white boards – are used creatively in order to provide a flexible learning environment. Our curriculum (carried out by staff of the highest calibre) has the ability to be adjusted to each child’s individual learning needs in order for them to perform at the best of their ability.