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Is Boarding School Right For Your Child?

The idea of sending your child to boarding school is downright scary, it’s a difficult decision!  We understand that.

There are many different reasons parents consider their child going to boarding school, it may be that they live too far away from good schools, perhaps they work long hours and cannot give their child the support they need, or they believe that a boarding school environment will be more conducive to learning where things like television, computer games, phones and other distractions are limited.  

Your child and your family’s circumstances are unique, so if you are considering boarding school for your son or daughter the 2-night sleep over, together with meeting our staff and learning more about boarding life at Cowan House, is essential to help you determine if boarding school is right for your child.




Frequently Asked Questions

In which grade can my child start boarding at Cowan House?

Every child is different which is why our 2-night sleepover assessment is essential in determining your child’s suitability for boarding. For some children boarding from Grade 1 is like a duck to water, whereas a child in Grade 5 may have great difficulty…there is no rule. Cowan House accepts boarders from Grade 1 to Grade 7 should they manage well during their sleepover assessment.

What if my child gets homesick or feels unwell?

Cowan House is deeply committed to the welfare of our boys and girls. Our boarding houses provide a caring and secure atmosphere with a support system of dedicated boarding staff (who live in the boarding establishments and are compassionate to the needs of young children), full-time academic staff residing on campus, as well as student teachers. Cowan House has a full time SAN Sister on campus between 7am and 4pm and is on-call 24/7. In case of any emergency, if your child is in need of urgent medical care, Hilton Life Hospital is a mere 6km down the road.

What do boarders do on weekends?

Weekends ensure that Cowan House boarders are engaged in organised activities and good clean fun on our 47-acre campus, as well as trips off campus on visits to nature reserves, the beach, theatre performances, etc.

Who will help my child with their homework?

Childhood and family life is closely guarded at Cowan House, for both day scholars and our boarders, and it is for this reason that in addition to the strict guidelines of meaningful and minimal ‘homework’, no work is given to pupils for completion on Wednesdays (Family Night) and on weekends. Our boarding staff run a structured and supportive prep session on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

What is Family Night?

In addition to weekends, no homework is given to pupils on a Wednesday. We encourage our families to use this evening to spend valuable time together. For our boarders, this means a fun evening filled with games, boma bonfires with hot chocolate and marshmallows, and perhaps even testing out some pudding recipes with the Headmaster.

When will I be able to phone my child?

Boarders are also allowed to bring a cell phone to school, which will be locked away with the House staff, and only given to the boarders to make calls to family members at specific times on a Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. Both girls and boys boarding may also be contacted using the school number which rings through to boarding when the switchboard is closed. The best time to call is between 17h30 – 18h00 and 19h40 – 20h00.

Preparation For High School

Cowan House boarding in Grade 6 and 7 is proving to be a popular option for children who will be boarding in high school. This preparation stands children in good-stead, developing greater independence through experiencing preparatory school boarding in a small and homely environment.

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