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Senior Primary

Our Senior Primary offers a broad curriculum with specialist teachers preparing our pupils to achieve their full academic potential. It is our responsibility to help pupils develop a real love of learning. They are challenged and prepared to grow in self confidence in order to be curious, express their ideas,  try new ways of doing things, and to allow mistakes to propel new discovery.

The academic facilities on campus include classrooms all equipped with interactive white boards, our Innovation Centre – housing the Science & DT Laboratory and Art Studio, and the Knowledge Centre which is home to our Media, Library and Research areas. 

Individualised, holistic tuition serves our pupils well in preparing them for acceptance to their High Schools of choice.

Why do High Schools choose Cowan House boys and girls?

Our Curriculum

As an ISASA school, we enjoy the freedom of choice in our curriculum. There is no prescribed limitation on how much time, or method, we have available to teach our children subjects. We ensure that national assessment standards are met and Grade 6 and 7 pupils write internal Core Skills Assessments twice a year, and Benchmarking tests are written by all pupils from Grades 3 – 7. These include Quintathlons, Conquestas, PSI (Primary School Initiative) Assessments.

Self Confidence

It is our responsibility to send confident, capable contributors to high school and into society. Through various activities and challenges, our boys, and girls cope with the pressures of expectation with the fear of the unknown, with uncomfortable situations, with the bitterness of failure, with the exhilaration of achievement and with the realisation that, through each experience, they grow to understand themselves better.

Quality of Character

Holistic education involves developing a child’s mind, body, and heart. By living our Cowan House values (be reasonable, be yourself, be caring and to be your best) we truly believe that we send well-mannered and well-adjusted children onto their High School years and beyond.

Frequently Asked Questions

English, Maths, Natural Sciences, History, Geography, Afrikaans, isiZulu, Drama, Art, Music and Economic Management Sciences make up the core subjects. French is an additional subject choice for Grade 6 and 7.

The academic day for Grade 4 to Grade 7 pupils ends at 14h00, Monday to Thursday. School closes at 13h30 on a Friday. 

Senior Primary children are ‘big’ now so they no longer need to spend time in formal aftercare. Cowan House is a day scholar and boarding school therefore there are always many staff and children on campus at all times. Should our day scholars not be playing sport in the afternoon they are able to make use of the same facilities (such as the Library and Computer Centre) as our boarders. 

Childhood and family life is closely guarded at Cowan House and it is for this reason that in addition to the guidelines of meaningful and minimal ‘homework’, we enjoy family nights on Wednesday and children are given the opportunity to work on homework during designated prep periods during the school day.

All our pupils, from Grade RRR to Grade 7 are served tea at 10h00. A dietician approved lunch is available at an additional cost per term. All pupils are allowed to bring along their own lunch should they wish. 

Co-curricular sport for boys and girls changes from term to term. Tennis and Cross Country are year-round sports for example, whereas sports such as Swimming, Cricket, Hockey, Rugby and Soccer and played in specific Terms.

U10 and U11 sports practice is held on a Monday from 14h15 to 15h30 and on a Wednesday from 14h15pm to 15h30. Opens sports practice is held on a Tuesday and Thursday from 14h15 to 15h30.