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Sport is a critical part of a Primary School education and experience. From teamwork to discipline and sportsmanship, all of these characteristics are important in developing a Cowan House child.

At Cowan House we adopt a holistic approach to education with both sport and culture playing an integral part. We provide age appropriate skills whilst growing the ability of each child. We strive to compete at all levels and across all age groups, whilst being guided by our Sports Vision Statement that reads: “Coaching human beings; developing skills through opportunities.” This visions statement is applicable to children, coaches and parents alike.

Sport is an essential component in the development of any child, and for this reason, involvement in team sports is compulsory at Cowan House. We believe in participation, skills development and, most of all, fostering an enjoyment of sport whilst maintaining a healthy sense of competition when our teams ‘hit the field and court’.

PE is introduced in Grade RRR, and sports practices begins in Grade 1. From Grade 3, sports teams are formalised and matches become more competitive. Our sporting facilities include a Multi Purpose Indoor Centre (ideal for misty Hilton weather conditions), a heated swimming pool (in the process of being upgraded to an 8 lane facility suitable for inter school and provincial events), tennis and basketball courts, a turf cricket pitch, 4 sports fields and a soon to be developed multi-sport astro and cricket net arena. 

Many of our sports coaches serve as both regional and provincial selectors and conveners for both boys’ and girls’ sports.  We have a strong team of school sports coaches augmented by on-campus private coaching in tennis, swimming and cricket.

Frequently Asked Questions

Prep School sport is an essential component in the development of any child and team sports are compulsory.

Sport fixtures are generally, but not limited to, held on a Wednesday afternoon and Saturday morning. Our Mini Festivals usually take place on the Grade 1 and 2 sports afternoons. 

For most matches our school buses transport children to and from matches. On occasion when many fixtures are being played at multiple venues, we do require parent assistance with transporting children. All transport arrangements are made prior to the day of the fixture.

Term 1: Cricket, Swimming, Indoor Hockey, Cross Country,  Tennis, Chess

Term 2:  Rugby, Girls Hockey, Athletics, Boys Mini Soccer, Chess, Cross Country, Tennis. 

Term 3: Boys Hockey, Girls Soccer,  Athletics, Chess, Cross Country, Tennis

Term 4: Cricket, Swimming, Girls Basketball, Cross Country,  Tennis,  Chess,