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Junior Primary

Welcome to Big School! In the Junior Primary, Cowan House pupils are provided with a learning environment both inside and outside the classroom, which is engaging and stimulating. Small classes (2 per grade) with a dedicated teacher assistant per grade, enable our teachers to provide pupils with the individual attention they deserve.

In the Junior Primary, Cowan House pupils are provided with a range of learning environments inside and outside the classroom which are engaging and stimulating. Class teachers enjoy the support of a Teacher Assistant per grade enabling them to nurture and grow our girls and boys with the individual attention they deserve.

We believe it is important to make learning an exciting adventure not restricted to the classroom or pupils’ desks. From picnics in our Boma, ‘frogging’ in our Wetland, building forts in our trees, and tackling our Obstacle Course – our children are blessed with much to choose from. We also enjoy the adventure of outings off campus to enrich class themes with real experience.

Junior Primary Facts

1. Thinking Skills

We have incorporated a number of “thinking maps” across our learning areas and children have responded naturally and effectively. Thinking maps encourage divergent and independent thinking while appropriately guiding thought processes.

2. U-Shaped and Outdoor Desks

Our horse-shoe shaped desks allow the children to collaborate more easily and social behaviour is encouraged. These desks enhance the learning environment and allow the teacher to, one at a time, be physically closer and have easier access to a child for instruction, mentoring or observation. Our outdoor desks are able to be taken outside, wherever our children would like to work and still maintain the comfort and space to organise themselves. Our beautiful surroundings allow for these to be used whilst appreciating our natural environment.

3. Brain Breaks

A brain break is a short mental pause intended to help children stay alert and focused. In the Junior Primary, brain breaks are a big part of our every day routine. They allow children to feel less stressed in the classroom and assists with productivity.

4. Time 2 Read

In the Junior Primary, we introduce children to the most common vowel spellings as well as consonant digraph spellings. Children are taught to understand the sound symbol relationships for words that they encounter. Grade 2 sees a consolidation and extension of their sound knowledge with regular phonics group work sessions to practice the many spelling rules of the English language.

5. Amazing Adventures

We believe it is important to make learning an exciting adventure for our pupils. A variety of techniques are used to ensure that learning goes beyond the 4 walls of their classroom and is not restricted to a desk. From picnics in the Boma, to frogging in the Wetland, building forts in the trees, and tackling the obstacle course – Cowan House is blessed to offer a range of exciting outdoor activities. We also enjoy the adventure of outings off campus to extend and experience many of the themes covered in class.

Frequently Asked Questions

As an ISASA school, we enjoy the freedom of choice in our curriculum. There is no prescribed limitation on how much time, or methodology, we have available to teach our children various concepts. We are a Thinking School and have the flexibility for pupils to extend themselves or, spend some more time getting the support that they need.

The academic day for Grade 1 and Grade 2 pupils ends at 13h00. Tuesday and Thursday’s are sports afternoons, so children finish at 14h00. Friday is a 13h00 end. 

Grade 3 children, getting bigger now, finish their academic day at the same time as Senior Primary children. From Grade 3 upwards the academic days finishes at 14h00 and 13h00 on a Friday.

Aftercare is included in our school fees and is available to working parents until 5:30pm, for Grade 1 to Grade 3 pupils.

Childhood and family life is closely guarded at Cowan House and it is for this reason that in addition to the strict guidelines of meaningful and minimal ‘homework’, at no time are any projects to be completed at home and, no work is given to pupils for completion on Wednesdays (Family Night) and on weekends.

All our pupils, from Grade RRR to Grade 7 are served tea at 10am, with an option of a dietitian-approved lunch at midday. Should you wish to pack your child’s own lunch, you are welcome to. Those staying at aftercare are served afternoon tea at 3:30pm. 

Co-curricular sport for boys and girls changes from Term to Term. Tennis and Cross Country are year-round sports for example, whereas sports such as Swimming, Cricket, Hockey, Rugby and Soccer and played in specific Terms.

Grade 1 and Grade 2 sports practice is held on a Tuesday and Thursday from 13h00 to 14h00. Grade 3 sports practice is held on a Monday and Wednesday from 14h15 to 15h30. 

There are many co-curricular opportunities available for our children, as well as a number of early morning training sessions.